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Erin Taylor

Erin Taylor

    “I have been a member of Revolutionizing Life since it began and have benefited enormously from it. Working as a solopreneur and Parent Coach can be a lonely place to find ourselves at times and knowing that there is always someone else who understands and that I can reach out to has been a huge source of comfort to me. Not only that, but being able to reach out to a group of like-minded individuals who all share the same passion and purpose, and being able to get immediate input, ideas or solutions to a challenge I have been facing has been huge to me. Knowing that the RL member tribe is always there and has my back has been a huge motivational and inspirational force for me in my life as a parent coach and as a mom. If you work alone, and are in the field of education, parenting, counselling, or anything that inspires people to elevate themselves, then this group is a great place for support, community and inspiration.”

    ~ Louise Clarke