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Are you tired of slogging away on your own, day after day?

Are you struggling to develop your unique niche?

Do you feel like you are more “solo” than “preneur?”

Are you looking for inspiration and an energy exchange with other brilliant, passionate colleagues?

Are you just starting out in your new endeavor?

Have you been working in this space for quite a while already?

Do you know in your heart that it has to be easier than this?

Then the RL TRIBE might just be for you!

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“We are a professional collective of conscious entrepreneurs, coming together from all walks of life, and from all over the planet.
Together, accelerating business growth, learning, expanding knowledge and serving more people.”

Erin Taylor, CEO Revolutionizing Life

“RL has been an unbelievable resource for me and my private practice as a parent coach. RL provides support on so many levels ranging from teaching us how to create powerful and meaningful workshops to tips on marketing. RL is a also a tribe of people who are always supporting one another. I have never met many of these members live, but we know each other from videos and I feel like I have so many people who’ve got my back and can help me through any work-related hurdle.”

 ~ Maria Sanders

“I have been a member of RL since the very beginning. I highly recommend becoming a member. Every business owner deserves to be supported and coached. It can get very lonely as a solo entrepreneur. We all help our clients and tout connection as the number one human need. In order to walk the walk we espouse, we must have connections ourselves so we stay strong for our clients. The members of RL, led by Erin Taylor, are cared for and supported. If you have a question, need a template, or want to talk through your own business needs or even those of a client, RL is a great resource. Some of the members join forces to teach classes or facilitate workshops. Erin offers RL members continuing professional development workshops led by dynamic experts. Erin also offers masterminds to focus on one member in an effort to hone our own businesses. RL is also producing a parenting conference as a group. All of these offerings are valuable to our own businesses and extremely worthwhile. Plus you are with a group of heart-driven, wonderful colleagues who become your greatest cheerleaders and friends. Win-Win!”

 ~ Cara Pollard

Coaches.  Therapists.  Social Workers.  Energy Workers.  Healers.
Mediators.  Mindfulness Practitioners.  Teachers.  Authors
~ Conscious Entrepreneurs ~

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Why be a Part of the Revolutionizing Life TRIBE?

Led by Erin Taylor, the RL TRIBE offers the guidance, understanding, ideas, experience, wisdom and new ventures to help it’s members grow their businesses.

Our community offers monthly Mastermind Sessions and ongoing training presentations for members. Plus, mutual support and shared experience, to get clarity, focus and forward momentum as well as opportunities to promote and build your business, all in order to serve more people and continue doing this work that you love. 

  • A community of social entrepreneur professionals supporting & working together

  • Members building their businesses together in community

  • A no-competition, 100% collaboration organization

  • Together as community, we don’t have to figure everything out on our own

  • An online hub keeps members up to date with the latest resources for building their business

  • Share your work and reach further through our member networks & outreach

  • Additional professional training programs to allow members to grow their ability to share their work with their own community/clients

  • A community of trusted professionals with a desire to create excellence in their work and their message to the world

  • Monthly Masterminds for direct support and guidance for members’ individual businesses.

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“It’s really fun getting to know others’ niches as coaches and how they are serving families all over! Community, openness and empowering one another are really important to me in my career and this global community has helped me both personally and professionally through our Facebook group, connecting on social media and in our monthly meetings – I am forever grateful!”

 ~ Aparna Venkataraman

“Joining Revolutionizing Life has been transformative for me. When I first joined I knew it was a good place but was not sure how I would benefit after taking the CP workshop. Everyone in the tribe is generous and care so much about one another. I know if I have a problem or concern there is someone with a solution or offering help. I know that my business has transformed into what it is today because of this tribe. I have been offered business opportunities that I could not have accessed if I was not connected to the amazing people here.”

 ~ Janet Philbin

“RL has been a place of support and encouragement for me over the years with my business. In addition to quality business support, RL is also about relationships with each other – collaborations are formed and friendships created and nourished. I not only receive sound business advice, support, and information in our meetings and masterminds, from fellow members or outside sources bringing in their expertise, but I also benefit from the relationships with other members, creating a true community.”

 ~ Tia Fagan

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